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Charmoné Lourens

Charmoné Lourens

Biographical Info Growing up, I always used to love dressing up, experimenting with fashion, style & make-up. For me it wasn't about fitting in, but rather expressing myself and embracing where I was at each phase. As a teenager, I watched the movie "13 Going on 30", and I can remember how I used to just wish that I was 30 years old, 'have it all together' and pursue a career in the fashion industry. Long story short, I first pursued a BCom Degree, then felt like I really wanted to make a difference, so I decided the following year to start a whole new Degree in Psychology. Upon attaining my Degree, I started Lecturing Business Management and studying Post Grad. Still, something was missing. That dream that the little girl had put aside, confronted me a few years ago and it just came to me... I wanted girls and women to be at ease with themselves, see and value their true identity and help them rediscover their self-worth as it has been something I have been confronted with most of my life. 7 Years passed until I saw this Qualification, and it was like all the loose ends just tied up together! So this has developed into Poise Image Consulting. Why Poise? Well because of it's true significance, and should I mention, coincidently it was the name of the fashion magazine that Jenna worked for in 13 Going on 30! My graphic designer, and amazing friend, one day asked me if I had decided on a name yet, and she mentioned that when she thinks of me, she sees POISE, and she had absolutely no idea how significant it was to me! All the confirmation I needed! So there you have it! They say "No quality is more attractive than POISE, that deep sense of being at ease with yourself and the world". My heart is to equip and empower women to embrace their authentic self so they will be able to walk with poise, knowing who they are, and that they are enough and beautiful. I believe every woman is beautiful and posses the strength to uplift other women when they are grounded in their value, uniqueness and self-worth. You have to know who you are, who you were designed to be, accept and love yourself in order to show that love and acceptance to others. You were not made to just live, but to thrive. Allow me to guide you through this process of rediscovery and redefining who you are so your inner beauty can flourish! I can help determine your unique Style Personality, Colour Flow and how to dress to best compliment your Body Shape. I also offer Wardrobe Consultations to help you get a new perspective on your wardrobe after finding your unique Style and Colour Flow. I am passionate about colour as it can have such an enormous impact not only on how you feel, but also on how you communicate something about yourself to others. I look forward to meeting you and putting that sparkle back into your eyes.

Email Address info@poiseimageconsulting.co.za

Level Style Sorority

Address 1 Voortrekker Road
Tzaneen, LP 0850

Phone Number +27645169078

Company/BusinessPoise Image Consulting

Qualification/ExperienceAdvanced Image Consulting

Categories/Services Image Consulting

Color Chart 12 Flow Color

CountrySouth Africa


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