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Rene Steyn

Rene Steyn

Biographical Info I am is a qualified hairstylist ,professional Image consultant, make up artist and motivational speaker. I work for BLOSS magazine as the Beauty and Fashion Editor, and I am currently busy writing my first book. This year I am celebrating 9 full years of leaving my part time job and trusting the Lord to have favor as a successful Image Consultant. Appreciating beauty and the finer things in life has always came naturally to me. Even so, I believe that true uniqueness is found in one's inner beauty. Accentuating this, I believe, is what brings out one's true voice and this (for me) is the ultimate expression of style. To be uniquely the "you" that God has created you to be- for some people they just need a little reminder of how to self love. I see myself as the person that is there to show you how loved, valued, talented and special you are. There is NO ONE like you!!! My motto and purpose for everyday - Matthew 13:3-23

Email Address Yourownprivatestylist@gmail.com

Level Style Sorority

Address Lynnwood road
Pretoria, GT 0184

Phone Number (083) 440-9444

Company/BusinessRene Personal Stylist

Qualification/ExperienceHairdresser make up artist counselling Image Consultant Fashion Editor

Categories/Services Image Consulting, Hair Stylist, Life Coach, Make-up Artist, Personal Styling, Personal Shopping, Motivational Speaker, Author, Retailer

Color Chart 12 Flow Color

CountrySouth Africa


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