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Your style companion that extends beyond the consultation and accompanies your client in the comfort of their own phone. The future of image consulting, today.

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About the app

The Pocket Stylist is proud to announce a first of its kind! Meticulously created, professional, practical and state-of-the-art, this unique app designed for Image Consultants and their clients, is an official industry disruptor. No need for cumbersome website procedures, or having to remember an outdated style book and expensive colour swatch when you go shopping. As an Image Consultant, you can now confidently convey to your clients, “I’ve got an app for that!”

Why become a member?

Pocket Stylist membership gives exclusive access to purchase as many apps as you might need for your in-person or virtual clients. The app contains all the recommendations your client will possibly need based on their personalised suggestions regarding garments to suit both their vertical and horisontal body shape, hairstyles and accessories for their face shape, suggestions regarding their style personality, their best colours with regards to either their 12 seasonal colour groups (tonal system) or the 4×4 colour systems. This also extends to metals, patterns, contrast, makeup and haircolour recommendations. Seasonal updates ensure that suggestions stays current.

Empower your business by adding the Pocket Stylist to your repertoire!

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