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What does Membership entail?

When you become a Pocket Stylist member on the website at $300 you are listed on both the website and the app, to be visible to potential clients and thereby promote your business. You also get exclusive access and opportunity to purchase Pocket Stylist apps for your clients at $35 each. This also enables you to purchase the Pocket Stylist iMage Toolkit at an additional $299 once off. As soon as the app launches membership will also be available at $25 monthly. 

Who can access/download the app?

Anyone can download the app. However, if a member of the public accesses the app, they will need to connect with an Image Consultant, listed on the app. 

The Image Consultant can download the back end of the app from which the consultation is conducted and it stores all the information. This enables the consultant to do targeted marketing in future.

How does the app benefit you as a consultant?

The app is a great addition to your repertoire as it adds value to your client, gives an enhanced client experience as it can add to or replace physical swatches, printed stylebooks, e-books, and any other tools currently given to clients. It extends beyond the consultation and gives your client a stylist in their pocket.

Further to this, if a member of the public downloads the app, it will require them to connect with a consultant listed on the app, which will provide you with additional clients.

Will you be able to do Style and Colour consultation separately?

Yes, you will be able to assist your clients in either the Style or Colour consultation, which will cost more if it is purchased separately.

Which colour systems will be included?

There are two systems currently in use: 12 Colour Flow (Tonal) System and the  4 x 4 System

What Systems of measurement are in use?

Both the International System of Units (SI) (Imperial system) and the United States customary system (Metric system) will be used on the app.

Which languages will be used on the app?

The app will be available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Can I remain a member of my current association or company and become a Pocket Stylist member?

The beauty of Pocket Stylist membership is that it is additional to whatever company you currently associate with. You merely add this amazing product to your repertoire.

However, from experience we know that without that little bit of added pressure from a lurking deadline, things can get postponed and avoided which stretches the whole process out and it begins to feel like a chore rather than a passion.

Will the app be updated?

If your client downloads the app, it will be updated regularly.

Do you have a product for men?

Once the female app is launched, the app for men will follow soon.

Will the app cater only for slim bodies?

Not at all, we made sure that there are recommendations for all sizes!

On which platforms can you connect with us?

Instagram: pocketstylist_app 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pocketstylistapp

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/528616591493768 

Twitter: pocket_stylists

Website: www.pocketstylists.com 

E-mail: hello@pocketstylists.com

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