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First of its kind

The image consultants’ ongoing search for a memorable client experience, transcending mere great advice, to providing an über-professional product to take home after a consultation, has been fulfilled.

An app, conveniently installed on your mobile device, is designed to enhance the consultation between the stylist and client and extend their experience with you.

The Pocket Stylist team is proud to announce a global, muliti-lingual, first-of-its-kind Stylist App! Meticulously created, professionally crafted, practical and state-of-the-art, this unique app, designed for Image Consultants and their clients, is an official industry disruptor. The Pocket Stylist app’s modern approach to image consulting serves to bring more ease and professionalism to the industry, and is sure to attract more clients to Registered Pocket Stylist Consultants, saying, “I need thát on my phone!”

Ditch the swatch and switch to digital.

Whether during an in-person or virtual consultation, you enter the client’s measurements and instantly access their body shape results. After determining their individual colouring, the Pocket Stylist app retains the results and gives multiple options under each section. These include Horizontal and Vertical Body Shape, Colouring, Style Personality, Face Shape, Make-up, and so much more. All of this happens and stays in the comfort of your own phone.

An added feature to becoming a Pocket Stylist is exclusive access to purchasing the Pocket Stylist iMage Consultation Toolkit, allowing you to do virtual style and colour consultations anywhere and at any time. These results are captured on the Pocket Stylist app and immediately available to your clients – anywhere in the world!

We set before you the past and the future…choose the future!

Become a member of Pocket Stylists today!

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