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Sumarie Uys

Sumarie Uys

Biographical Info My name is Sumarie. Apart from being sunshine in the form of a human and loving Jesus as much as I can, well, actually, there is nothing apart from that. I love to live and live to love – you have probably read this blurb somewhere, just pretend you didn’t, okay? – and somewhere in between living and loving and loving living I did a whole lot of growing up, made a whole lot of building block mistakes, laughed till my stomach hurt, cried because my heart hurt, said oops and “there’s it” – a South African saying – a million times, pressed buttons because I was daring, said sorry more than I can count, gave hundreds of hugs longer than a minute and stopped and started, stopped and started, stopped and started a million times. Through it all one thing remained consistent, I have been and will always be changing from glory to glory. I am the youngest of four exceptional siblings that I love deeply and boast about often. I grew up in Gauteng, South Africa after which I moved to the North West where I completed my degree in Geography and Creative writing. – strange combo, I know. After graduating I served in campus ministry, traveled to the USA, worked for, according to me, one of SA’s top nutritionists Mary-Ann Shearer, got recruited by the most amazing online recruitment agency called Recruit My Mom, and dipped my toes into the recruitment world. Then I took a leap – yes I seem to do this often, I know – and gave up everything and completed a course in Image Consulting with the SA Image Academy. Being completely new at this, “now go and create wealth thing,” I took a chance and offered to make my amazing sunshine available to the SA Image Team where I eventually became an invaluable asset to the team covering tasks all the way from heading up the Academy’s amazing App “The Pocket Stylist” to CRM to Design to “give me a moment and I’ll figure it out” to Teacher, exceptional Image Consulting and traveling with and working for the beautiful and phenomenal businesswoman Mrs Alette Winckler for almost 4 years. Other than my working career, I love singing and writing music, cooking when there are friends to eat it, seeing how long I can keep plants alive, and scrolling on Pinterest and never doing anything that I pin. I am passionate about God and people and my heart is, and will always be, to see Jesus glorified in everything that I am, everything I do, and everything that I will become.

Email Address info@sumarieuys.co.za

Level Style Sorority

Address 445 Woodcliff dr
Redding, CA 96003

Phone Number +15302620785


Qualification/ExperienceQualified Image Consultant with 5 years experience

Categories/Services Image Consulting, Personal Styling, Personal Shopping, Motivational Speaker, Educator, Other

Color Chart 12 Flow Color

CountryUnited States


Website Addresshttp://www.sumarieuys.co.za

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