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Mignone Jacobs Image Consultant &Stylist

Mignone Jacobs Image Consultant &Stylist

Biographical Info Hello and welcome to my atelier of redesignation. My name is Mignoné Jacobs and like you, I too fulfil the multi-faceted roles of an authentic woman, a supporting wife, a devoted mother, a playful sister, a respectful daughter, a principled businesswoman and an unwavering friend! And possibly like you, I too idealistically strive to meet the many demands accrued from the many people and the many loved ones in my life … and maybe like you, I sometimes meet those demands at the cost of self and at the cost of individual uniqueness. As such, I am often inspired by the 1968 academy award winner song “The Windmills of Your Mind” as sung by Dusty Springfield. It is a song poignantly representative of our present environments and lives; a song which aptly gives voice to the mind succumbed to a trap of endless arguments, thoughts, the echo of checklists, fragments of words choked with pent emotion. And as such, I realize that my circles in a spiral will only find its linear release in the wise pearls of Romans 12:2 “… do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” In essence, this has become my indiscernible motto in and to life … to make that conscientious mind change in order to make the physical change. Woman of this world, I want to challenge you today to allow me to walk a journey of change with you, to aide your process of rediscovering ‘you’, to reveal and rekindle your inner beauty and elegance, and to allow me to observe how you, the godly woman (Proverbs 31), rise and come afore … for you, today, it all starts in the circles of your mind! Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself (Coco Chanel).

Email Address info@mignonejacobs.co.za

Level Style Sorority

Address Koodoolake Trust R376
Setlagole, South Africa, NW 2773

Phone Number (076) 470-5701

Company/BusinessMignone Jacobs Image Consultant &Stylist

Qualification/ExperienceI am a Qualified Image Consultant & Stylist who studied through The South African Image Academy who is one of the most highly regarded and respected image and style consulting training institutes worldwide. I studied Business administration & accounting after I left school, but I always had a very big interest in fashion & beauty since I was a young lady. I completed my make-up artist courses through Halouw Make-up Academy.

Categories/Services Image Consulting, Make-up Artist, Personal Styling, Personal Shopping, Motivational Speaker

Color Chart 4 Seasons, 12 Flow Color

CountrySouth Africa

RegionNorth West

Website Addresshttp://www.mignonejacobs.co.za

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